Aim Learning
Subjects Covered

Subjects Covered

We teach a variety and an expanding number of different subjects.
Some of our specialist subjects are included below.
Subject Levels and Topics Covered
Mathematics All areas and levels up to university standard including GCSE and A-level (including core, mechanics, statistics, further pure and decision modules).
Science Physics, Chemistry and related subjects (electrical engineering, materials etc.) at any level (GCSE, A-level, undergraduate, equivalent). All subjects up to GCSE level.
Computing and I.T. Basic use of computers, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Access), Internet usage, database development, keyboard skills, website development (Dreamweaver).
Mandarin Chinese All levels from beginners to advanced for any purpose such as, travel, business, employment, life skills, school revision and communicating with families and friends.
Music Violin all levels from beginners to professional and early piano stages.
Primary School Learning Key Stages 1 and 2 literacy, numeracy and related subjects.
Various Others We are an expanding company and may be able to provide for your learning needs even if you do not see your subject of interest above.
Remember that we can arrange visits at your home or choice of venue, offer reasonable rates, can accommodate for your particular needs and have highly experienced and qualified staff. Why not contact us to arrange a lesson.
Email:, Tel:07846865578
Address: 33A Abbotsbury Road, Morden, SM4 5LJ