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Current Promotions

Current Promotions

We are offering promotional offers to celebrate the beginning of the new school term but we still provide the same quality, competitive learning provision that we do throughout the year.

New Term Starting

Start the new academic term as you mean to go on. We have lessons at all levels including preparation for A/ A-S level, GCSE and SAT exams. We adapt our content for the different outcomes of each exam board. We can provide tuition either on a regular basis or arrange individual lessons when you most require them. We can also help with coursework and projects. Our teachers and tutors have received frequent praise for the quality of their work.

GCSE Mandarin Chinese

A new course of Mandarin Chinese is being planned. While it continues the success of lessons from the previous terms, they are still suitable for new students. The class is based on the highly rated Edexcel GCSE course and is particularly suitable for intermediate level students. To make an enquiry please contact Aim Learning. We will still continue to run other Mandarin Chinese classes, give individual lessons and hope to open more classes in the near future.

'Magic Mandarin' for Primary School Pupils.

We are currently preparing new 'Magic Mandarin' classes aimed at children beginning or with limited knowledge of the language aged between 5-11. Classes shall begin for the new term at St. John Fisher's Primary School, Grand Drive, West Wimbledon, SW20 9NA, Saint Nicholas Preparatory School, Princes Gate, South Kensington, London, SW7 1PT and we are hoping to start new sessions in other venues soon. The last few terms have proved to be very successful with pupils enjoying learning accompanied by fun activities. This has led to an increasing number of children attending and pupils became confident in speaking about a number of topics in Mandarin after just a few weeks. If interested please contact Aim Learning or Mrs. Lu Qin directly by email,, or telephone 07915153303.

Expanding into New Subjects

As an expanding company, we have started teaching new subjects and have ambitious plans to teach more subjects in the future. Click the link for some information on the current range of subjects taught, or find our more about working with Aim Learning if you are a teacher or tutor who would like to expand the range of subjects taught.

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