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Profile of Selected Teachers

Profile of Selected Teachers.

All our teachers have exceptional skills, qualifications and level of experience. The descriptions below are typical of the quality of our teaching staff.

Dr. Thomas Quinn (Mathematics and Science)

After receiving his undergraduate degree in mathematics and physics, Thomas went on to perform his doctorate research on solar power, covering fields of mathematics, physics, engineering and material science. This was followed by a work as a scientific editor for the most cited scientific  journal in electronics, where he was in contact with some of the most prestigious names in research and a prestigious research fellowship at Imperial College London.

During his studies and time in research he has taught several undergraduate classes and supervised research students. He has worked in voluntary programmes to help teach maths to pupils with learning and behavioural problems, teaching at a school in rural Kenya and running activities to encourage students from disadvantaged backgrounds into further education. He has also helped adult learners with remedial maths and literacy problems and those preparing for psychometric testing for job interviews. 

Previous to joining Aim Learning he has been an independent mathematics and physics tutor as well as working for various tutoring agencies. As an independent tutor he has received particular praise for helping GCSE and A-level pupils to achieve results in tests and assessments significantly higher than previously expected after only a few hours revision. He has also recieved commendations from parents and pupils alike for helping pupils gain confidence and understanding of concepts they have found difficult.

Qin Lu (Mandarin Chinese)

From an early age Qin has had a passion for both teaching and for her native Chinese language and culture and so she combined both these interests in her university degree in teaching Chinese literature and culture. While studying she organised personal tuition which enjoyed such a high reputation that individual sessions turned to small groups and then to larger groups of over 20.

After graduating from university she worked in both state and private schools teaching Mandarin Chinese and English as a foreign language. The quality and individual style of her teaching attracted the attention of senior staff so that she was asked to perform open classes so other teachers may learn from her. She was then voted as one of the best teachers in her province and was promoted to the second highest teaching rank after only one year. Pupils, fellow staff and parents also noted the level of her dedication to her work and care to those under her supervision.

Since moving to the UK her reputation has continued to grow by recommendations from people taught by her. She has organised and ran fun but educational activities for children to help learn Mandarin Chinese and teaches to 16-18 year old pupils at a secondary school. She also enjoys teaching a growing number of students at a class in a community centre, and organises several Mandarin Chinese language classes for adults. As an individual tutor she has helped a variety of people from ex-patriots and second generation children wanting to converse with family and friends, people preparing for the GCSE exam and even a physiotherapist who wants specialist knowledge of medical terminology. Qin is known for the level of her energy, enthusiasm, dedication and interest she puts into teaching and tutoring and has consistently been compared favourably by students who have undertaken previous classes or tuition from another group or individual.

If you would like help for your learning from any of the providers described above contact us to make an arrangement.
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