Aim Learning

Aim Learning

History of Aim Learning

While Aim Learning as an organisation is still young, being formed in the summer of 2011, in many cases the work of the tutors goes back years before.

While working as tutors several of tutors that make up Aim Learning felt many existing tuition companies were giving a poor service to clients and staff. Many would charge students far in excess of the standard rate while only a fraction, often around half, was passed onto the tutors. Both learners and tutors felt such companies did not help them or interfered with the work. However, when working individually the founders of Aim Learning were frustrated with the amount of time spent on tasks such as administration rather than teaching.

The founders therefore formed their own organisation to provide a better deal to both learners and staff. With administrative work shared amoung the founders more time available was available for teaching. In turn tutors could offer better value and services to students. In addition, the network of teachers and tutors forming Aim Learning allow each tutor autonomy to provide a better service while ensuring standards are kept high and providing support. From the outset, it has been a founding principle of Aim Learning not to charge the same excessive fees that many agencies do. This means that marketing and advertising has been done on a smaller scale compared to some of the larger agencies, but it is the quality of teaching that is most important and will ultimately build the reputation of the company. Considering the quality of teaching it is unsurprising that most clients have joined through referrals and commendations provided by others. 

While Aim Learning had quite humble beginnings being formed of only a few tutors and teachers, in the short space of time that the organisation has existed, it has already grown several times its original size and still has ambitious plans to expand the range of subjects and neighbourhoods covered.

Founding Principles of Aim Learning

As mentioned above, Aim Learning was established by tutors so that better service and value could be given to students. To ensure that this happens, the organisation abide by several principles.

  1. Just as it was founded, Aim Learning should be run directly by its tutors and teachers to offer the best service and value
  2. Aim Learning should not charge the same excessive fees as many other teaching and tutoring organisations do.
  3. The organisation should not interfere with the way that teachers and tutors run lessons (except where not doing so would be detrimental to students).
  4. Aim Learning will only hire people with appropriate teaching, tutoring, academic or working background for what they teach.
  5. We will provide a quality service and will help students and staff to the best of our ability.
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Address: 33A Abbotsbury Road, Morden, SM4 5LJ